New York City

New York City on screen

Although NYC is known for frequent celebrity sightings and run-ins, its landmarks and quaint locations are also often prominently featured in movies. Only after my six-week excursion did I realize that my sister and I actually visited a lot of places seen in movies. ‘Hitch’ I went to Columbia University
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Central Park

Study spots in Manhattan

A week after finishing my freshman year at UC Berkeley, I packed some of my clothes, took my backpack with a few folders in it and flew to New York City. For the next six weeks, I lived with my sister in the heart of the city while taking a
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Lucy Schaefer_online

Goal on our field

On Friday, the United States of America played in a very important international sporting event. The U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team played Colombia in its first game of the Copa America tournament, losing 2-0. Although Colombia is a great team right now — FIFA ranks it 3rd in the world
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