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Comedian Demetri Martin discusses the evolution of stand-up

The morning routine these days is simple for comedian Demetri Martin: wake up, slip on some sweatpants, crack open the laptop, fire up a Word document, step onto his treadmill desk and wrestle with the intimidating monster of blankness until a joke or two squeezes out. It’s been a refreshing
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Don’t go to ‘Late Show,’ Colbert!

I live my life by utilizing truthiness as much as I possibly can. Truthiness? What in the barnacle jumpsuits is that, you sexy man? Cool yo’ pits, brobie, it is the term coined by the wise man named Stephen Colbert, and it means you base your opinions and actions on
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‘South Park’ video game more than an elementary adaptation

“South Park: The Stick of Truth” might be the best TV-to-video-game adaptation ever made. Consistently humorous, matching the hilarity of the source material and well made, developer Obsidian Entertainment wisely uses the “South Park” origins to make a game that should please all players of varied familiarity with the Comedy
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‘Kroll Show’ season 2 suffers from sketchy quality

“Kroll Show” might be the weirdest modern sketch show on television right now. Its placement on Comedy Central doesn’t seem like the right fit; it’s much more scatterbrain and inconsistent than most of Comedy Central’s programming. Yet it’s too well-produced to be on Adult Swim, and it’s too trashy and
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