Stop-motion ‘Anomalisa’ masterfully displays humanity

Aggressively artificial, yet achingly human, Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s “Anomalisa” is a masterpiece in design, story and execution. Starting as a sound play in 2005 in which there were only a Charlie Kaufman script, three actors and accompanying music by legendary composer Carter Burwell, “Anomalisa” has now been adapted
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Graduation 2012

C’s get degrees: Achieving the exceptional average

You may have heard the infamous mantra, “C’s get degrees.” We usually hear these words directed at us preceded by, “Don’t worry,” when friends attempt to console us as we grieve over our GPA’s. Though we appreciate the assonance of the phrase, we at the Clog don’t find very much appeal in
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Failure to report: UCSB

Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 13 others on May 23, in Isla Vista, California, a community where many UC Santa Barbara students live. All six of those killed that day were students at the university. This tragedy has been reported and dissected by every major news outlet in the country, including The Daily Californian. But UCSB’s ASUC-sponsored paper, the Bottom Line, chose to refrain from immediate devoted coverage of the incident outside of their Twitter feed. In fraught and dangerous circumstances, the Bottom Line made the wrong decision and abandoned its responsibility to its campus and community.
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Project serves at-risk Mexican youth

The first thoughts that came to mind were, “What if I get lost in the woods during a hike and I get eaten by wolves? Or what if they make us shower in groups and there’s no stalls or curtains?!” My fifth-grade teacher had chosen the top four students in
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Residents of Berkeley react to BART strike

Residents of Berkeley share their thoughts and opinions on the BART strike with The Daily Californian on Friday October 18th. The strike which began Friday morning will continue for an undetermined period of time until agreements are made between strikers and officials. Video by Cai Nebe and Mira Nguyen. Edited
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minimum wage waitress-1

Raising minimum wage is obvious choice for Bay Area

Four years ago this week, we saw the federal minimum wage rise to a meager $7.25 an hour. The state minimum wage has been stuck at $8.00 for five years. For a full-time worker, this amounts to just $16,640 — far below the national poverty level for a family of
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Thursday app of the week: GoodSearch

Name: GoodSearch Platform(s): The Internet Price: Free Mission: Help out the Berkeley community A search engine that gives money to charitable causes when you use it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s called GoodSearch, and it has a pretty cool business model to turn your searches
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Jessica Pena’s Picks of the Week

1. “Zoolander” at United Artists Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a really, really ridiculously good-looking man?  Do you wear a piano-key necktie to your friends’ joint funerals after they perished during the ignorant bliss of a post-orange mocha frappuccino gasoline fight? If you said
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