For whom the ballot tolls

In the slurry of information available about bridges, ballots and buses, there is very little mention of people like the local bodega owners who cross into Berkeley to stock their stores with It’s-Its and Turkish delights.
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Education 101

Back to Straya

While the semester is well underway at UC Berkeley with round two of midterms creeping up, in Sydney classes have barely begun. Although it may now only be week two for me, it’s all I’ve needed to notice how different the American and Australian systems are. Block schedules Everyone brags when
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UC Berkeley commuting customs

Let’s face it — no matter where you come from, whether there are running functional buses in your town or everyone travels by personal taxis, when you come to Berkeley, there’s no way you’ll survive without taking public transportation. The 51B bus and BART are integral to our lives as
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Survival tips for the BART apocalypse

If you haven’t been affected by the BART strike, you obviously don’t live in the Bay Area. From all the politics behind the BART system — and even our AC Transit system — the whole East Bay and San Francisco are basically reeling. It’s absolute chaos. While the BART employees have
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