Berkeley homelessness still problem 1 year after failure of Measure S

Matt Lee/File
Students protest Measure S on Nov. 2, 2012, at a rally on Upper Sproul Plaza. After the failure of the measure, which would have prohibited sitting on commercial sidewalks, Berkeley City Council has looked into alternative programs to decrease homelessness.

Slightly more than a year after the failure of a controversial sit-lie measure, many advocates and opponents of the measure can agree on at least one thing: there has been slow progress on homelessness in Berkeley.
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Talking on Telegraph. Stop.

Council Watch

Half of politics is talking, and the other half is talking about talking. Unfortunately, discussions about Telegraph Avenue usually fall into the latter category. Mayor Tom Bates hosted a forum last Thursday concerning the revitalization of Telegraph. According to Berkeleyside, plans have been put forth to construct new projects on
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Progress on homelessness

CITY AFFAIRS: The Compassionate Sidewalks Plan is a good start toward fixing the city’s homelessness problem after the failure of Measure S.

Berkeley’s debate over its failed measure to restrict sitting on commercial sidewalks left many questions unanswered. Though members of both sides agreed that homelessness was a problem, once voters rejected Measure S, the city was left without a solution. Berkeley City Councilmember Jesse Arreguin’s Compassionate Sidewalks Plan, set to be
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A compassionate sidewalks proposal

Although Berkeley voters rejected Measure S, a controversial proposal that would have criminalized sitting on commercial sidewalks, we shouldn’t mistake it as an endorsement of inaction. The simple fact still remains: We need to address homelessness. I didn’t support Measure S, but I’m not calling it a day, as many
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