Professor Pay-checker

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The Daily Californian processed the last decade of payroll information for UC Berkeley faculty, creating the most complete, searchable database of professor and lecturer pay by campus department.
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Dear I-House: Fairly compensate students for disruptions

Rousseau once wrote, “I hold then that Sovereignty, being nothing less than the exercise of the general will, can never be alienated, and that the Sovereign, who is no less than a collective being, cannot be represented except by himself: the power indeed may be transmitted, but not the will.”
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Letter: Jan. 24

Op-ed perpetuated misleading claims about UC administration In his recent op-ed “UC funding fight continues,” Nicolas Kitchel rightly congratulates students for rallying behind Proposition 30 and helping to stave off crippling cuts to the University of California. But in his call for continued student activism, he recycles the tired and
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Education is not prioritized in the U.S.

Shared sacrifice should prevail throughout the university

Who is giving back to the university? Now that the economy seems headed toward a double dip, with future budgets for the UC system possibly headed toward a similar dip, we have to ask ourselves how we can create more quality for less money. And while this has been the
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