Unreasonable standards

CAMPUS ISSUES: The College of Letters and Sciences has an unrealistic expectation of hopeful computer science majors with its new GPA requirement.

A new GPA requirement of 3.0 or higher in the seven prerequisite classes for computer science applicants in the College of Letters and Science is too high. There needs to be a more holistic review of prospective applicants, with a lower GPA requirement. Implementing a high GPA requirement can lead
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13-04-26 Professor Patterson, A Powerlift Champion

Introducing Professor Patterson, a powerlifting champion

Though your professors may reign supreme in the lecture hall, you’re probably not too intimidated by them outside of the classroom. You might pale in comparison in a matchup of intellect, but you’d probably feel confident in your ability to sucker-punch them for that inordinately difficult question on that last midterm.
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Can your phone help find a black hole?

To answer the question, yes. Well, only if you have an Android phone (sorry, Apple buffs, we’ll explain why you’re being left out later). You’re probably thinking this isn’t possible. Your phone doesn’t have the computing power to do anything that powerful, right? That’s what the Clog thought, too, until
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rhodes scholar screenshot

Campus senior is named 2013 Rhodes Scholar

After an exhausting two days of interviews, UC Berkeley senior Daniel Price was stunned and practically speechless Saturday night when he learned that the venture he had embarked on nearly half a year ago had paid off — he had been named a 2013 Rhodes Scholar. Price, who is one
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Five Questions: Brian Harvey, CS education innovator

In any given public place, it’s not uncommon to find children using smartphones or tablet computers. The world has become a place where anyone can compute anywhere at any time, but it wasn’t always that way. Before UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer science lecturer Brian Harvey began teaching on
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Compulsory computing?

Nearly all high-skill jobs are rapidly becoming digital and quantitative. Doctors and health care providers are scrambling to adapt to new electronic medical record databases. Journalists are increasingly expected to be proficient in Web design and computer graphics. The finance industry has been taken over by mind-twisting mathematical models. Even
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UC Berkeley students drop out to start tech companies

UC Berkeley computer science students are dropping out of school. But they’re not leaving because the classes are too difficult or school is too expensive. Rather, they’re withdrawing to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship — even though the odds are against them. Although the numbers vary from study to study,
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Five Questions: Marti Hearst, ‘Big Data’ pioneer

With a massive amount of data online, computer programmers have recently taken to looking for ways to manage it all. Marti Hearst, a professor in the UC Berkeley School of Information, has been at the forefront of research on working with “Big Data” to make it searchable and accessible. Her
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