Minor crimes against humanity at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley, which we have continuously been reminded is the No. 1 public university in the world, is filled with all sorts of intelligent people, but sometimes they do stupid and annoying things. Many of these things drive us up the wall or make us cringe to the point of pain. Frankly,
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UC Berkeley student study habits: expectations vs reality

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at Main Stacks or Qualcomm Cafe, trying be productive, but you keep accidentally diving in to a pit of distractions that ultimately leads to hours spent staring at a computer screen with little work to actually show for it. You look around at all of your
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Can your phone help find a black hole?

To answer the question, yes. Well, only if you have an Android phone (sorry, Apple buffs, we’ll explain why you’re being left out later). You’re probably thinking this isn’t possible. Your phone doesn’t have the computing power to do anything that powerful, right? That’s what the Clog thought, too, until
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All students, like Patrick Chen, above, will be able to access bConnected by June 2013 at the latest.

ResComp handles the highs and lows of student computing

UC Berkeley students who have lived in the residence halls are all undoubtedly familiar with Residential Computing, otherwise known as ResComp. The ResComp Residential Computing Consultants provide support for all students’ “digital security, operating system troubleshooting, device configuration, networking, and data recovery” needs, according to their website. Though their job
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Detour: Your Pal in Drones, Goodiepal

I’m not exactly sure how to introduce Goodiepal. He has been cropping up in various incarnations and wigs in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, England, Scotland and the United States, holding lectures at universities and releasing a handful of LPs in the early 2000s. Without having received any formal academic qualifications
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