Where’s Chancellor Dirks?

Chancellor Dirks is pretty much a celebrity, here on the UC Berkeley campus. Like Oski, he is known for being illusive and blending into the crowd. From his crisp white shirt and tie to his lustrous unibrow, you’d think, “How could a guy like that not be noticed in a
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Porches offers cathartic performance on Lower Sproul

Excitement ran high on the night of Sept. 17, as cheers and jeers rang down Telegraph Avenue in anticipation for Cal’s first home game against the University of Texas’ football team, the Texas Longhorns. At the same time, on the other side of campus in Lower Sproul, a small crowd
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Zhu sets Fox Theater aglow on ‘Neon City’ tour

The crowd erupted. Slowly, a hooded figure emerged from behind his trademark flag logo with images of a drive down a dark mountain road flashing behind him. A pounding beat began to pulsate through the room, and the Fox Theater, which five minutes ago had been flush with the white
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What if every day was Cal Day?

Whether you were busy partying, got stuck tabling on Sproul Plaza or were somewhere totally off campus, you probably took a break from your regular routine for Cal Day this past Saturday. Was the break a change for the better? It was several days ago now, and if you spent
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Chris Hewitt/Staff

What you missed at the Cal Day concert

For those of you who made it out to the Cal Day concert on Memorial Glade on Saturday, you most likely didn’t recognize either of the bands playing. There was the opening band, Sister Crayon, who threw it down hard for all the families and babies and dogs who made
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Five Berkeley dates for less than $25

Being a broke college student is always hard, but it’s especially bad when you’re trying to woo the person of your dreams. How are you supposed to showcase your generosity by picking up the tab on a date when you can barely afford ramen? We at the Clog decided to
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A week in events: 10/5-10/9

Around this time in the semester, it’s easy to become so entrenched in schoolwork and the midterm daze that we forget that there is, in fact, life outside of class. Not only is there life, but Berkeley is always throwing down some truly righteous events. From guest speakers to concerts to
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