Government can be no Atlas

Loyal Opposition

Last week marked half a century since the then-leader of the free world squatted on Tom Fletcher’s porch in the heart of the “Big White Ghetto” and declared his War on Poverty. The 50 years that followed have seen the apparent initial success of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society stall, with
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The politics of hookups

The Devil's Advocate

In her provocatively titled new book “The End of Sex,” noted religion and sexuality scholar Donna Freitas does something rather unusual — she attacks the notorious college “hookup culture” from the feminist left. Commentators sometimes nostalgically lament the supposed collapse of courtship among young people. But as of late, feminists
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GOP endgames and the future of American conservatism

The Critic Who Counts

Are the signs of a great unraveling beginning to emerge? Last Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., appeared on George Stephanopoulos’ “This Week” and announced his willingness to violate conservative tycoon Grover Norquist’s infamous no-tax pledge. Alleging that he would “violate the pledge for the good of the country,” Graham took
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Reagan on the ballot

The Devil's Advocate

Ronald Reagan entered California politics in the 1960s with the University of California, and the Berkeley campus in particular, as political targets. A recent article in Dissent Magazine argues that Berkeley “provided the most useful political foil” for Reagan’s gubernatorial campaign, “crystallizing all of his ideological themes into a single figure for
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Giving up the ghost

NATIONAL ISSUES: Conservative politicans need to stop using Obama’s birth control mandate to score quick points this election season.

Political arguments often blur perceptions between right and wrong. In allowing religiously-affiliated institutions to shift the cost of birth control to the health insurance companies they contract, President Barack Obama fulfilled a moral obligation to provide uniform healthcare to all Americans and a political obligation to compromise with respectful dissenters.
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