Picks of the week: Cultural excursions

There is something magical about being able to simulate travelling the world without boarding an international flight. Thanks to the Bay Area’s vast diversity, it’s easy to explore another culture without the jet lag. For those who would otherwise be stuck in Berkeley with no fun summer vacation to speak
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Picks of the Week OFF THE GRID - Off the Grid_online

Picks of the week: In the city

It’s the fourth week of school, and while workloads aren’t too heavy yet, you may already find yourself falling into a predictable routine that spans no more than a 10-block radius. Don’t get trapped in the Berkeley bubble just yet — there’s a great, big city just a BART ride
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Childhood on display in exhibit of Arnold Lobel’s work

“There is a little world at the end of my pencil,” said Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator and author Arnold Lobel. “I am the stage director, the costume designer and the man who pulls the curtain.” The deceased Lobel, best known for his series of children’s books “Frog and Toad,” is honored
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Kibbutz exhibit traces movement’s journey, history

In “To Build & Be Built: Kibbutz History,” the Contemporary Jewish Museum investigates the social movement that redefined Jewish life in the modern era. The exhibit, a simple display on one wall of the CJM, traces the history of the kibbutz movement with photos of kibbutz life and descriptions of
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The Beat Generation, as seen through the lens of Allen Ginsberg

Photography exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum offers striking reflection on community, generation and decay

“He looked by that time like his father, red-faced corpulent W.C. Fields shuddering with mortal horror…” Thus reads the inscription of a photo depicting American icon Jack Kerouac and taken by Allen Ginsberg in 1964 — just a few years before the former’s death. Far from the exuberant youth depicted
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