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Madeleine recipe

It’s nearly midnight. You’re sitting at the ASUC Student Union, writing a paper for French R1B. It’s due in just a few hours, yet all you can think about is how you really, really, really want to sink your teeth into a sweet, spongy madeleine. You would much rather actually
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Buttery thumbprint guava cookie recipe

Missing home already? Whip up a batch of these mouthwateringly buttery cookies and you’ll definitely feel like you’re eating some of Mom’s homemade good stuff. This recipe is for a guava cookie, but you can alter the recipe to be whatever flavor you want. You won’t be able to have just
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Calstrology: froyo toppings edition

It has been hot, hot, hot here in Berkeley and we at the Clog have been witnessing more and more of those easily recognizable frozen yogurt containers around campus. Whether you are a Yogurtland, Menchies or Yogurt-Park kind of froyo eater, one thing stays the same: The toppings. Look below to
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Holiday chocolate-peppermint cookie recipe

While finals officially arrive this week, why not make the most of your overwhelming procrastination with a cookie break? These chocolatey morsels of holiday goodness combine a little spice with a whole lot of nice to power you through end-of-semester crunch time. Ingredients:  1 & 1/2 cups flour 1/4 cup cocoa
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Kelsi Krandel/Staff

Your guide to UC Berkeley-themed holiday cookies

Without a doubt, the best part of the holiday season is the wonderful excuse to eat ungodly amounts of delicious, delicious food. The holidays would not be the holidays without the chocolates, the candy canes, the cakes, the fudge and — possibly our favorite — the cookies. Whether you are
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Donsuemor: A delightful indulgence

“Bring delight to everyday life.” That’s the philosophy of Donsuemor, an Alameda-based bakery whose products can be found on the shelves at Costco, Peet’s Coffee, Whole Foods and many others retailers. Initially famous for their traditional madeleines, Donsuemor’s recipe book has expanded to include a number of delicious baked goods,
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Sweet secret menus around Berkeley

Berkeley foodies have plenty to be excited about, from fine dining on Fourth Street to cheap eats in the Asian Ghetto. But they really go gaga over the slightest mention of secret menu items, even ones at big chains. Who wouldn’t? Around Berkeley, Starbucks, CREAM and Jamba Juice have sweet
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