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The time of your life (and other experiences)

When an experience is prophesized to be the time of your life, the pressure on that experience to live up to such an enormous expectation can be insurmountable. When you tell someone you’re going to be studying abroad, they typically respond with trite clichés about how you’ll have the time of your life, how you’ll be living it up and so on. You’ve probably heard it all before.
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When my sister was in seventh grade, she had two major obsessions (as most middle schoolers do): KPOP and Denmark. Both seem pretty random, and honestly, I understood the KPOP phenomena more than the Danish obsession. I quickly became familiar with Boyfriend and SHINee, but my knowledge of the Danish
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Copenhagen-izing yourself

Do you remember your first Hot Wheels? I was perhaps 6 or 7. It was the time when “Pocahontas” came out, and I watched on VHS how she so magnificently straddled around the woods talking to possessed animals and hopping to the rhythm of the rainbow-colored wind like a deer
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Detour: Slugs on the Beach

The “Spanish slug,” also known by the name “killer snail” for its tendency to eat lesser members of its own species, is a highly invasive and pesty breed of slug found all over the European continent. Identification: The front half is pretty standard brownish (sometimes orange) color, but the second
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Detour: The Grain of the City

Copenhagen is designed for cycling. A strong national emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency encourages bicycle cultural while municipal attention to such values expresses them elegantly. With specialized lanes and traffic signals, the most basic elements of the urban infrastructure incorporate cyclists, enabling over 40% of commuters to reach their destination
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