quinoa, black beans, and olive oil

Quinoa and black bean salad recipe

With the start of the new semester right around the corner, many of us are yearning for that beach body we never quite achieved over the summer. If the allure of ice cream and tropical drinks were stronger than that of the gym this summer, have no fear. The Clog is
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5 fruits and veggies to cook this summer

During the school year we can often get caught up in a cycle of studying for midterms and bingeing on junk food. Summer provides us the extra time we need to abandon instant ramen in favor of cooking bright and healthy meals. We at the Clog have come up with fun ways to incorporate the fruits and vegetables currently in season into your diet.
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Clog’s perfect Fourth of July BBQ

For those who are hosting a party on the Fourth of July but aren’t sure about what to feed their guests, we have the perfect recipes that will have your guests leaving happy, screaming cheers of your talents on the grill and in the kitchen. We start the meal with the delicious
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Corn on a Sproul Hall window

We spy: a ‘corny’ decoration on Sproul

It’s easy to run out of room decorating ideas in college. By second semester, your favorite posters just aren’t cutting it anymore. Actually, they were random posters you got for free at movie screenings in Wheeler or advertisements on Sproul, anyway. So you don’t have very interesting decorations to begin
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CAFOs and E. coli, carrots and beans

Okay, I admit it — I’m a liberal, vegetarian, California co-op-dwelling female with a hefty amount of tie-dyed clothing, a flock of chickens and those toe-shoes that are supposed to bring you “back to barefoot” — or something like that. I’m that girl who buys organic sometimes and at farmer’s
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