How to make this Halloween the best one yet

It’s coming. The best holiday of the year is rapidly approaching, and hopefully this year it won’t be filled with students from the University of Spoiled Children. However, you might find that you’re sick of seeing angels and devils on Halloween. After all, what angel has time to wear lingerie?
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Last-minute Berkeley-themed Halloween costumes

Between cramming for midterms and keeping up with extracurriculars, your Halloween costume has been the last thing on your mind. Now, with the holiday coming up Saturday, friends have invited you to a couple of parties, and you just realized you have nothing to wear. Because your schedule is so
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Calstrology: Halloween edition

Since we’re already halfway through October, we’ve been trying to think of rad ideas for our Halloween costumes this year. But since it’s also midterm season, your brain might be too exhausted to find the perfect costume. So we’ve brainstormed a few quintessential UC Berkeley costumes and organized them by zodiac signs so
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Fashion Fridays: Halloween Edition

UC Berkeley often talks about diversity, but there’s one day every year when the assortment of students is beyond belief. If you catch Edward Scissorhands in your Friday discussion, or Kermit the Frog at GBC, don’t freak out — it’s just Halloween! While most students waited for their night festivities to bust out the
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UC Berkeley bingo: Halloween edition

It’s Halloween again — the one time of the year when you can’t tell whether the people in your class are in costume or if they just dress weirdly. Put that uncertainty to use this year by playing UC Berkeley bingo. First one to get bingo gets the best prize of
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Harlem shake: ATΩ vs. AXΩ

The Harlem Shake had made a comeback, but with a 2013 twist. Videos have been sweeping Youtube set to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” During the video, a single person dances until the bass drops and then the video cuts to a group of people wearing silly costumes and dancing like crazy.
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