Playlist of the week: ’90s nostalgia

Because many of us are home for the summer, we’re surrounded by the love, affection and home-cooking family and friends we grew up with. So it’s totally understandable that we’ve been having impromptu childhood flashbacks. To help you revisit those sweet ’90s childhood memories and marvel at how much time
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This Week in Sound: Free Show Extravaganza

Chairlift will be playing a free show on Lower Sproul tomorrow at noon. The Brooklyn synthpop duo were announced last month as Superb’s surprise concert. Collective Sounds/Courtesy Berkeley-native rock band Counting Crows are releasing their latest album Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation). This marks the
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Counting Crows: Underwater Sunshine

Essentially, Underwater Sunshine is Counting Crows’ lead singer Adam Duritz’s love letter to the music world. Paying homage to the fifteen bands he lovingly plucked from within his musical covey, the new covers album consists of songs ranging from Dawes, the gem of music streaming site, to Bob Dylan.
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This Week in Sound: Of Crows and Chiefs

While this week seems to be fairly quiet in terms of sound — cue tumbleweed — there are still a few CD releases and concerts that might just grab your attention. Releasing his 17th album this week, Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball has been viewed as his angriest album yet. The
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This Week in Arts

Film The week of March 5 offers a surfeit of great repertory picks for San Francisco cinephiles. On March 7, The Castro Theatre screens Woody Allen’s hilarious and nostalgic “Manhattan” in its proper 35mm format. On March 9, The Castro screens two ’90s gems, “Reality Bites” and “My Own Private
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