The people I’ll never know

My Facebook albums are filled with faces of my friends, family, mentors, teammates. Photos of their terrible snapchat selfies and the shots I sneakily snap of their laughter.  These are the people I live with, the people I see every day at a Crossroads brunch for a recap of the
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Power of the ‘like’: a note on social media mind games

As college students, we constantly find ourselves procrastinating on our phones by perusing our classmates’ social media profiles and pictures, and occasionally posting. So you post a selfie on Instagram, and after constant scroll-downs to refresh your feed and see who liked it … there it is. Your crush just liked
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Love that lasts: Berkeley’s four-year couples

On their first date as freshmen, they saw “Drive.” “Which I didn’t know was a date,” said Sarah. “It was pretty clear that this was a date,” replied Nick. “I’m not going to go see a date movie because we’re going on a date. I’m going to go see a
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The triple threat

Sex on Tuesday

Me: “Oh my goodness, you and your girlfriend are so cute.” Couple: “Wow, thanks.” Me: “Yeah, you really are an attractive couple. I would love to fuck with the two of you sometime.” This is an interaction I often have when I’m out and usually drunk. Since I’m not trying
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Thoughts on “relationship sex”

Alright, I’m sure that many of you that have read some of my previous stuff have decided that I’m a heartless, immoral, unethical, irresponsible, slutty nympho. Or something along those lines. However, there is more to me than those 400-word snippets you read semi-regularly. A couple of weeks ago, I
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