Hollywood’s guide to an epic summer

Summer is upon us and with that comes three months of complete freedom to do whatever we want, unless, of course, you’re tied down by some pesky internship, job or summer classes. Obviously, one of the first things you must do is watch all those movies you had been putting on hold.
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Resources to kick-start apartment hunting

The season that’s more stressful than cramming for your midterm in less than 24 hours has come back around. Apartment hunting is a pain, but unless you want to be homeless for the following semester, it’s an inevitable must. We at the Clog have decided to put together a list
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The fine art of avoiding sketchy internships

‘Tis officially the season to freak out about applying for summer internships — what joy! While wading through cover letters, interviews and pondering which professor will remember your name — let alone write you a dandy letter of recommendation — you have to deal with the fact that some programs
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The types of housing in Berkeley

Campus residence halls If you’re looking for a simple living situation, the campus residence halls are for you. They cost approximately $1,300 to $1,800 per month, and there is no need to clean or buy furniture and groceries, because every residence hall is prefurnished, offers extensive meal plan options and
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