How to use leftover cranberry sauce

If Swedish meatballs and lingonberries work for Ikea, why wouldn’t cranberry sauce and turkey taste just as good? The idea of eating cranberry sauce at times besides Thanksgiving may make you scoff, and the thought of pairing berries with meat may seem like an outlandish concept. Often neglected at the
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Quiz: Which Thanksgiving food are you?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we at the Clog couldn’t be more excited. From the mashed potatoes to the turkey, we’re more than ready for a full tummy of food — we’re starving college students, after all, and it’s about time that we enter a Thanksgiving-induced food coma
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National Turkey Month: a Thanksgiving-inspired wrap

Most of us associate turkey with Norman Rockwell’s idea of Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, June is National Turkey Month. But seeing as June is a bit too warm for a plate of stuffing and gravy, we at the Clog decided to make a Thanksgiving-inspired turkey wrap that’s light enough
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