How to prepare for the ASUC election madness

It’s every UC Berkeley student’s favorite time of year again: the awe-inspiring, time-consuming craziness of ASUC elections! Student Action has yet to announce its slate, but CalSERVE and SQUELCH! have announced their executive candidates. Oh boy, let the (hunger) games begin! Election season here seems to involve even more mayhem than
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5 things all freshmen should do before the semester ends

Every year, a new cohort of bright and passionate freshmen enter Berkeley’s pristine campus and marvel at the majesty of their future. While the fall semester is already over and the school year is almost wrapping up, we hope everyone has been living his or her freshman year to the fullest. We’ve
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The ‘Crossroads’ of healthy eating

Cal Dining staff members provide advice for students who want to eat balanced dining commons meals.

Before 5 p.m. most nights, a crowd of students forms outside the Crossroads campus dining hall, all eager to eat their fill and get on with their evening plans. When the doors are unlocked, the students file in, but despite the multitude of options Crossroads offers, a line always forms
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Best of Berkeley: Best Shopping

Best Bookstore: Moe’s Books Located on Telegraph, just four blocks from campus, Moe’s Books has so much going for it besides its convenient location. Beyond its unique selection of rare and used books, the storefront itself is chock-full of history. It was even captured briefly in the film “The Graduate,”
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