Decoding slut-shaming

Cracking the Code Ceiling

It didn’t matter that these girls were brilliant creators selected into the startup incubator for the projects they had led. To the men around me, they were simply sexual objects, with worth directly esteemed from their attractiveness rather than their technical abilities.
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Unsung heroes

Adding Up

Having undergraduate opportunities like these not only benefits the students in the class, but also the staffers themselves. When departments let students take on a bigger role, everyone benefits.
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UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens guide

Some memes are excellent, others are good and some are just painful to read. What’s a meme connoisseur to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We at the Clog have thoughtfully provided a comprehensive guide that will tell you to whether to post that meme or discard it for
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Quiz: Which part of California are you?

From the blue skies to the rows of skinny palm trees, California truly is the best state in the country. But have you ever wondered which part of California you associate with most? Are you the plastic bag floating through the wind? We at the Clog made this quiz to answer these burning
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