Marlins starter Jose Fernandez delivers a pitch in the first inning.

Gone Too Soon

Years down the road, we will remember Jose Fernandez as a man who was taken from the earth far too soon. At the age of 24, he barely scratched the surface of his potential and was destined to be one of baseball’s brightest stars. We will remember him as the
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How to fake a spring break

Even if you’re having a staycation this spring break, there are many ways to make it seem like you had even a better spring break than the one in the movie “Spring Breakers” (even though that was an absolutely horrid movie). Listed below are all the ways to convince your
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Rum and Coke: una Cuba libre?

In the 1950s, according to my Barcelona-born-and-raised abuela, the most popular alcoholic drink (besides beer and wine) was a Cuba Libre — essentially just rum and Coke. I found the name heavily ironic, considering Cuba’s current socialist regime under Castro, and promised my grandma I would enjoy one while visiting Cuba.
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