How different cultures celebrate April Fool’s Day

Amid announcements of pet selfie sticks, confirmed existence of the Force, UberBOAT and Simon Cowell’s face on £5 bills, we at the Clog hope you all took part in the traditional pranking that happened yesterday. While we’re familiar with how this day is celebrated in the United States, here’s a
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Back and Forth: Supersonic Coffee

Supersonic Coffee is an up-and-coming Berkeley roastery focusing on “awesome coffee that breaks barriers,” taking roast quality to new levels with cutting-edge technology and a penchant for precision. While Supersonic has not yet instituted its own flagship café, its roasts can be found all across the Bay Area in higher-end
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Making Rome My Home

After settling into my new apartment in Rome, my housemates and I decided to hit the town. One of my roommates met a couple of girls at the grocery store down the street from our place, so we invited them over before going out. They showed up at the lobby
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Modified from Barbara Willi under Creative Commons by Sabrina Werts, Senior Staff

A week in events: 9/8 — 9/14

Classes may be well underway, but there is still lots of fun to be had! This week, on-campus events boast everything from social media info sessions to dance classes to juggling club performances to gallery openings. Around town, there are several big music festivals happening as well as some comedy and open-mic nights. Here are the Clog’s top picks for the week:
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Off the beat: We’ll always have Beijing

Pull up a map of Beijing. Set your finger down dead center on the city. Draw it slightly up and to the left. It was a Tuesday night in the middle of summer, and I was there, at a small dumpling house in a nondescript part of the city. It’s the part where you wouldn’t go if you were a tourist — an out-of-the-way sort of anyplace you might stumble upon elsewhere.
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Berkeley time’s time is up

Berkeley time appears to be a much-loved facet of campus culture. It is a saving grace that makes timekeeping and attendance somewhat casual, providing leeway for crossing the prodigious size of our campus, and the often-tight scheduling of classrooms. Berkeley time is treated as a civilized luxury, insulating students and
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Night of Cultural Resistance

Every spring semester, the Multicultural Community Center on campus holds one of its largest programs: the Night of Cultural Resistance, or NOCR. The night is a unique event because it’s an open invitation that brings different communities together in a purposeful way to engage with one another and experience live
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