Meg Elison

Capulets and Montagues


Dear Megaphone, I’m an international student, and my parents had a short, weird talk with me before I left my country for school. They’re good people, but they told me very specifically about what race I could date. Specifically, they want me to date only someone from our own ethnic
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My gritty black cup of magic

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting on my friend’s couch on a Thursday night, trying to prep my brain for the pain it must soon go through; I am about to study Calculus II. But I can’t muster the energy to focus on any thought except one: I think I’m falling in love with
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Off the beat: The little thing about his color

It’s India, in summer 2010. My family and I get a respite from the intense heat and walk into a sari shop, where my mom wants to finish her shopping for the day. We sit down, the shopkeeper brings us various sodas and water. My mother, my brother and I
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Can’t buy me love

Broke in Berkeley

When I first met the guy I was going to marry, he told me he had a book called “Dating for Under a Dollar.” I didn’t believe him until he showed me. His parents had raised him in a lifestyle he cheerfully called “frugal” rather than “cheap.” Most of the
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Detour: Salting the Lily

To personify a nation’s cuisine, Danish food is incredibly humble. Criticized as the leftover scraps of a nation’s exports manufactured for the palette of a baby, the foundation of Danish cuisine rests on secondary meat products and pre-refrigeration preservation techniques, and has an extremely brief spice spectrum. The major flavors
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Detour: The Horror of Learning

My feeble yet ongoing attempts to learn Danish have been retarded by, as far as I can tell, two basic character flaws: poor hearing and excessive reliance on non-verbal cues. Perhaps it’s an attempt to save money by foregoing things like Q-tips, or deep cochlear damage thanks to that one
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