Shorts Episode #6: Kill ’em with Contour

Don’t listen to what One Direction says: Makeup’s more than just for the appearances. For many people, makeup is powerful. Chris and Josh chat with Zha Maloy and Jae Jung, folks who use makeup as a source of identity formation, courage and kinship. Thank you for your support for Hard
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Shorts Episode #4: Never Have I Ever

Have you ever…pooped during a date? Had regrets when you woke up to somebody else? Shaved all of your pubic hair? Found new ways to use tampons? Chris and Josh get up close and personal and play the raunchy game Never Have I Ever in this week’s short. Thank you
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Episode #6: Love, Long Distance

Hard and Soft

As graduation and internship offers loom in the distance, one thing seems to be on everyone’s mind: long distance. Chris and Josh speak with media studies lecturer extraordinaire Edward Timke, who’s gone through the travails of long-distance love. Timke provides some pointers on how to create a love strong enough
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