State to consider bond funding for Campbell Hall reconstruction

A public works board meeting Thursday will determine the fate of the majority of the funding for the demolition and reconstruction of UC Berkeley’s Campbell Hall. The State Public Works Board will vote on whether to authorize the sale of $65.2 million in state bonds for the building, which will
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A committee recently approved project elements to the Memorial Stadium construction.

Committee approves project elements to stadium construction

The Committee on Grounds and Buildings approved project elements to the construction of the California Memorial Stadium, including the implementation of occasional Friday night games — which is already drawing concern from community groups — at the UC Board of Regents meeting Tuesday. The committee agreed to accept a Subsequent
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Chancellor sends reminder on whistleblowing policy

An email from the UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau distributed this morning reminded UC Berkeley faculty and staff of the university’s policy on whistleblowing, listing additional resources for how to report improper activities and promising protection for whistleblowers. A whistleblower is a person who tells the public or someone in
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