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Clog’s thoughts on the silent disco

You may have heard recently about the silent disco party in celebration of the new Dolores Park in San Francisco this Thursday. Additionally, you may have heard of companies like Silent Storm that are founded on the basis of silent disco events. Like us, you also may have reacted with a
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Poetry: Dancing Myself Clean

Dancing Myself Clean   Wild grief sinks Like those bronze Stalin statues That stood in my backyard   Or museums on mountain peaks With karma temples in their eyes.   Tripping down macaroni aisles My elbows are peeling like a cheese grater That melts into my drifting thumbprints Because my
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5 ways we are all Katy Perry’s left shark

‘Twas the .GIF seen round the world after Sunday’s superbowl. ICYMI, Katy Perry danced with two people in shark costumes — as all pop stars do at one time or another — except that the left shark just couldn’t seem to get it together. KayPay’s left shark, or, as we like
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5 dance moves to break out this New Year’s Eve

It is almost that time. Time to ring in the new year. And you should be putting your best foot forward. Whether you will be hitting the town with your closest gals, sipping champagne with your family or tapping out after the New York City ball drops, we bet you value
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Clog tutorial: how to navigate the dance floor

While we’ve all foregone possible socializing for the dreaded papers and midterms piling up, we still hope you get out sometimes to make up for all that staying in. Hey, it’s college, right? You can go to a party or two! You can even dance if you want to. “I
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Harlem shake: ATΩ vs. AXΩ

The Harlem Shake had made a comeback, but with a 2013 twist. Videos have been sweeping Youtube set to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” During the video, a single person dances until the bass drops and then the video cuts to a group of people wearing silly costumes and dancing like crazy.
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