Inspirational quotes from campus bathrooms

As a unique, anonymous platform for art and communication, bathroom graffiti can be many things — though it is, for the most part, messy, inflammatory and opinionated. Plastered across nearly every stall on campus from the third floor of Wheeler Hall to the notorious Doe Library, bathroom graffiti serves as a source of
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Conversation deflation

We’ve all experienced the horror that is a conversation-ender, also known as a conversation deflation. You’re walking back from class with a friend, the conversation’s flowing nicely and everything seems to be going swell. Then they nonchalantly drop a phrase that makes you want to disappear into the crowd as
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Facebook reactions for UC Berkeley students

Facebook’s new reactions have been out for about two weeks now, expanding the scope of emotions we can express via social media from the single, notorious like to a diverse array ranging from angry to the sometimes-confusing wow. (Is it sincere or sarcastic? Who knows?) Sometimes, however, seven basic senses
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Phillip Downey/File

Things to do on leap day

As everyone knows, leap day exists as a portal into a dimension where time moves four times as slowly. Therefore, you won’t experience any consequences for things you do today until the next leap year on February 29, 2020, when the portal opens up again. Why not take advantage of
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