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Why do we seek education?

Nine days away from graduation, after spending four years (and an amazing amount of money) to study at the No. 1 public institution in the world, I, along with many others, am still asking, “Why do we seek education?”
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UC Berkeley professors read mean reviews

Professors react to the meanest comments they’ve received through the website Rate My Professors. Also watch our spring 2016 opinion columnists read online comments. Toby Ho is the Assistant Multimedia Editor. Contact him at [email protected] Contact Lauren Ahn at [email protected], Abigail Balingit for [email protected], Ashley-Grace Vo at [email protected], and Arda Sahiner at [email protected] 

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The Problem with Area Studies

  The development of humanity is written in the obsessive quest to define “the Other.” Anthropology muses over questions of the savage, history measures hierarchies of backwardness, peace and conflict studies traces notions of human nature, cultural studies searches for fundamental difference. The threads of these distinct but related fields
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