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Why do we seek education?

Nine days away from graduation, after spending four years (and an amazing amount of money) to study at the No. 1 public institution in the world, I, along with many others, am still asking, “Why do we seek education?”
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Flags representing European nations.

The Problem with Area Studies

  The development of humanity is written in the obsessive quest to define “the Other.” Anthropology muses over questions of the savage, history measures hierarchies of backwardness, peace and conflict studies traces notions of human nature, cultural studies searches for fundamental difference. The threads of these distinct but related fields
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Lecture Lust: A list of famous courses at Cal

A sample of classes that students of all majors can appreciate.

Public Policy C103 “Wealth and Poverty” taught by Professor Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, is always packed with students and auditors. Reich guides the class through the factors that contribute to the gap between the rich and poor and the policies aimed at shrinking it. Many
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Last lecture notes

Professors' advice for graduating seniors

The Daily Californian reached out to professors for advice they had to offer to graduating seniors. The following is a collection of responses. Professors who responded: Robert Beatty, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor Robin Einhorn, Professor of History Alex Filippenko, Professor of Astronomy Richard Muller, Professor of
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