A few honest moments

Now and Again

One of the most profoundly isolating human experiences is to finish a movie in the theater and, looking to your left and then to your right, discover that you are the only person not wiping their eyes and sniffling.
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5 stages of date party grief

Date party season is among us. Not only does this mean a “Lord of the Flies” situation will soon commence the race to find a date, but this also means that a lot of people will be going through the five stages of grief and stress in the days leading
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Far away bae, best friend in the Bay

We all have that one friend we haven’t seen ever since they started going out with so-in-so. New relationships can be rough on friendships, but not all young love leaves friends in the dust. We in long-distance relationships at the Daily Clog have decided that we’d like to make a
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Roman Candles Fireworks

How to get a date

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes opportunities for picnics in the park, romantic hikes, beach days over break and cute photoshoots with all the blossoming flowers. Just one problem: What if you don’t have anyone to share these things with? We at the Clog understand your struggle and
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A Valentine’s Day for everyone

Valentine’s Day can be a hard time for those of us without a bae, but it can be equally as difficult to treat yo’ bae without breaking the bank. We at the Clog want to help you have the best, most magical Valentine’s Day regardless of your romantic situation. For
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Earth Day date ideas

Although not usually considered a romantic holiday, Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your sensitive and sustainable side to potential new S.O.’s. Here are a few tips to help win over any tree hugger this Earth Day.     Go to an Earth Day festival Seeing as we live in
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