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Swing in and save me

Trial and Error

When it comes to dating, I have no idea what I am doing. As someone who is actually obsessed with love songs, romance novels and rom-coms, I live in my own fairytale. I am writing and rewriting in my head what could happen. I am constantly creating scenarios in which
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To write you down

Reading Life Closely

Inexperienced in the art of casual dating, I did not land gracefully. Instead I tucked myself away and wrote poems.
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Shorts Episode #3: Your LDRs

We interviewed Cal students and got some dirty deets about their LDRs. Listen to this week’s short, where Chris and Josh chat with Jasmine Pak, Erin Wiens, and Angie Mejia about their baes. From Skype sex to potato pet names, it all goes down on Hard and Soft’s third short.
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Sex on Tuesday

Confession: I have never been in a committed relationship. I’ve also never held a boy’s hand in public or passionately made out under the twinkling twilight with someone I’ve had strong feelings for. In fact, I haven’t had strong feelings for another gay man in my life. Usually, I dupe
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