Neal Lawrence_online

Mystery box

Naked Brunch

I have a circular scar on the small of my back, about the size of a water glass, from getting fucked on carpet. I consider it a battle scar from the Flanders Fields that was my oversexed, self-destructive underclassman years. Gold star, my ass — there’s a whole generation of
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Chris Cox_online

UC Berkeley is haunted

Sex on Tuesday

UC Berkeley, the beacon of premier public education, is currently facing its ~spookiest~ epidemic yet. No one feels safe walking home at night, students are constantly looking over their shoulders, and, hot off the heels of Halloween, everyone is on edge. I’ve come to tell you that killer clowns, who
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Quiz: Do you have Berkeley goggles?

Have you ever found yourself stopping in your tracks to check out a perfectly average-looking stranger? Or gone all head over heels for that special someone in your discussion only to be extremely disappointed when you finally wake up and smell the roses (or open your eyes, for that matter)? Well,
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How to find love at a frat party

If you’re about to reach the point where you have to resort to Tinder to find a significant other, don’t worry, kind reader, for you have other options. We at the Clog have thought of a guide to help poor souls like you find love on the sweaty, over-crowded dance
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Brian Ly/File

Lessons on romance

If you look at the long list of things we at the Clog need to get done this week, you’ll probably find vacuuming halfheartedly scrawled at the bottom. If you look even further down, you’ll see where we erased the task of doing our readings for next Monday. And if you look underneath that
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How to find the niche love of your life in college

Everyone secretly (or not so secretly) hopes to find the person of their dreams while at college. We hope that we’ll sit down next to someone in lecture, strike up a conversation and voila — the great romance of our lives is born. The reality, however, is not so optimistic. After
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Preparing for next year’s April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day was less than a week ago and is still fresh in our hearts. For those of you who love tricks and jokes, we hope you’ve enjoyed your favorite holiday of the season. But for those of you who were the foolish victims, we’re here to help you get on
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The ones before me

  Jealousy makes me physically ill. I get lightheaded, my stomach twists into nausea and I end up feeling hot, short of breath and shaky like I witnessed a crime. It’s a similar sensation to when I see roadkill, but worse; it leaves me exhausted, as though adrenaline has been
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Roman Candles Fireworks

How to get a date

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes opportunities for picnics in the park, romantic hikes, beach days over break and cute photoshoots with all the blossoming flowers. Just one problem: What if you don’t have anyone to share these things with? We at the Clog understand your struggle and
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