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How to get a date

Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes opportunities for picnics in the park, romantic hikes, beach days over break and cute photoshoots with all the blossoming flowers. Just one problem: What if you don’t have anyone to share these things with? We at the Clog understand your struggle and
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Back to his place


Friday night found me, as it often does, at a fraternity house. The room smelled like sweat and cheap alcohol, and the floors were sticky with Keystone Light. Across the room from a table littered with empty Solo cups, the two of us swayed our hips next to each other
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If you were in a relationship with your midterm

Oh, midterms. Whether you’re currently studying for a midterm or just survived one, a test is ruling your life right now. Like getting flyered on Sproul or making awkward eye contact with the person you’ve been trying to secretly stare at, you just can’t avoid it. As a way to procrastinate, we
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20 UC Berkeley ways to reject a date

Whether it’s because you have huge commitment issues or because you just aren’t fond of the person who is asking you out, you need the perfect rejection that’s just ridiculous enough for the person not to ask you out again. Hopefully these excuses give off enough of the “wtf” factor that the
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50 thoughts we have before a Tinder date

As often as we say we’ll never stoop to using Tinder, chances are, many of us will end up going on a Tinder date (or, let’s be honest, many Tinder dates). Here are some of the thoughts that go through our heads right before our dates. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary
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The Secret Life of Hickeys

The hickey exposed: a smear of magenta. The love bite interpreted: force upon flesh. We have left behind sleeves to wear hearts on our necks. Coined in the early years of the 20th century, “hickey” is an Americanism of obscure origin that, unromantically phrased by science, is nothing more than
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Video: Blind Dates

For Valentine’s Day, The Weekender randomly set up couples on blind dates over drinks last week. After introductions were made, everything about the date ranging from how to long to what to talk about was left to them. We then interviewed the participants to see how things went. Allie Campbell is a contributor to
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Textbooks that can double as your Valentine

Ah, Feb. 14, that fated day. Some call it Singles Awareness Day. Some just call it sad. But some, those crazy lovers out there, call it Valentine’s Day. We at the Clog know that you might be having some trouble finding the perfect gal or guy to be yours, but
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