How to meet your significant other in Berkeley

Here at the Clog, we’re acutely aware of the fact that our alumni got called out as some of the nation’s least-dateable people. We Cloggers reject that. Have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re beautiful. There are plenty of ways to meet your significant other in Berkeley. Just read our handy list of five
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25 Berkeley pick-up lines that will get you no dates

As November begins and the all-too-early Christmas commercials begin to play on TV, one inevitable truth becomes clear: The holiday season is approaching more quickly than you realize. It can be a hard time to be alone for a lot of people. If that’s the case for you, then now
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Love affair with my major

During my first year of college, I dated eight different majors — history, Middle Eastern studies, sociology, history of art, anthropology, rhetoric, peace and conflict studies and philosophy — all of which gave me some great memories. There were good times with all of them, and they all had my
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Dating Scene CalSO

Sketches of UC Berkeley from student perspectives

To incoming freshmen, UC Berkeley is a daunting and novel universe. Newly admitted students know little about the campus’s social and academic scene besides what they’ve read on College Confidential threads and in Facebook groups, while current students have had semesters of experience to adjust to UC Berkeley’s environment and can easily
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“40 Days of Dating”: are we really just friends?

As the days grow closer to a final summer sunset, maybe you’ve spent this vacation exploring, dating someone new or maybe just staying friends. But can a guy and a girl really just be friends and nothing more? It’s a timeless and popular question that Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh
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Sex on Tuesday

SEX ON TUESDAY: Love in the time of Facebook

Dating has always been exhausting and nerve-wracking. The thwarting feat has been recorded in literature for centuries and agonizing heartaches have been melodized in cathartic tunes and many sorrowful nocturnes. Unrequited love, the turmoils of lust and the basic foils of romance are eternally resonant. The difference is that in
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