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More than one caress

Fake Out

In my freshman year of high school, Esperanza Spalding beat out Justin Bieber at the Grammys for Best New Artist. “Never Say Never”-era Bieber fans were suffering, and many edited their grief into Spalding’s Wikipedia page in revenge that very night. As an avid anti-Bieber white boy, this pleased me
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Outside Lands Willow Yang Senior Staff

Right there with you: Outside Lands 2016

San Francisco's biggest music festival hosts its 8th year

San Francisco’s rapid changes are well-documented. As rents rise and tech booms, the city is changing alongside its inhabitants, and the cultural and civic landscape once the dust settles is uncertain. Until then, the music will keep playing, like this past weekend at San Francisco’s biggest music festival, Outside Lands.
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Tunesday: A historical soundtrack to the presidential elections

As the presidential elections quickly approach, Americans from coast to coast have been polishing up on their politics and party views, attempting to determine the best candidates to lead the nation. Wielding a large influence within American culture, musicians across all genres and decades have taken it upon themselves to
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David Bowie is dead, and I’m hunting for a job

David Bowie is dead, and I’m hunting for a job. It makes sense that jobs are marks of the real world. They mean that you, to some extent at least, have decided to sacrifice time meant for your own personal growth — emotionally or intellectually, artistically or philosophically — for
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Remembering David Bowie

When news of David Bowie’s passing broke Sunday, social media was flooded with posts from fans and friends alike, celebrating the rockstar’s incredible life in the wake of his death. What struck us at The Daily Californian most was that it seemed as if everyone had their own Bowie story
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Documentary gives guided tour of David Bowie exhibit

David Bowie, cultural icon. David Bowie, sex symbol. David Bowie, software developer. Yes, you read that last one correctly. The glam rocker now dabbles in a different creative process: making lyric-producing software that spits out a cornucopia of song-worthy phrases. He calls it the “Verbicizer.” This surprising revelation is just
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David Bowie: The Next Day

When an artist as iconic as David Bowie announces an album, expectations of something along the lines of a Second Coming tend to circulate. It was no help that Bowie’s announcement was coupled with the release of a new single, “Where Are We Now?,” a characteristically extraterrestrial ballad emanating the
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David Bradford’s Picks of the Week

BareStage Productions performs ‘Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead’ Ever wondered what life would be like for Charlie Brown, Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts gang as angsty teenagers? Ever imagined Linus as a pothead and Pigpen as a ladies man? UC Berkeley’s very own BareStage Productions
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hello again

Clever Covers: Beck Reimagines Bowie

If you read my last post about The Piano Guys, you saw how two ambitious musicians worked together to cover popular tunes on a small scale, using nothing more than a piano and cello. Today, we take a 180 degree turn — and talk about a cover tune on the
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