Tunesday: Spooky tunes

Though it seems like Berkeley’s full of Halloween spirit already — creepy clowns trolling the streets, hellish midterms all month — take the eerie autumnal mood to the next level by listening to these spooky tunes for this week’s Tunesday. “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads A Talking Heads classic, “Psycho
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Tunesday: Valentine’s Gray

Friday is Valentine’s Day (or for Liz Lemon, Anna Howard Shaw Day), and that means a glut of blog posts and BuzzFeed articles about how polarizing the day is. Maybe it dredges up some emotional moments in your life that need an outlet of some kind, so why not have
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This Week in Arts

Arts This Friday is the second week of San Francisco’s 2 Blocks of Art event, which takes place around Market and 6th streets. First and foremost, 2 Blocks of Art is an art walk featuring local artists showing their works in 25 different locations. Since last year, though, the event
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Read Some Books: Music Edition

“Waging Heavy Peace” by Neil Young As an old man, Young is taking a look back at his life in his new autobiography. His tone is conversational and curt, and one doesn’t realize right away that it is Young writing until he opens a paragraph with, “I remember one day
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