UC Berkeley pilots data science class

The new four-unit course, “Foundations of Data Science” — cross-listed as Statistics 94 and Computer Science 94 — combines introductory statistics and computational concepts with hands-on work involving hard data that brings “real-world relevance,” according to the program’s website.
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Computer Science: an ever-evolving discipline

In the 1960s, computer science students didn’t program behind a computer screen. Instead, they wrote their programs on paper and then sent them to be processed by a computer. As a result, said electrical engineering and computer science professor emeritus William Kahan, a single mistake could cost students hours —
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ASUC President Connor Landgraf (right) and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of a campus ‘hackerspace.’

New hackerspace opens in Cory Hall

Texas Instruments partnered with UC Berkeley to open the Texas Instruments Electronics Design Lab on the first and second floors of Cory Hall. The “hackerspace” is open to all students but is dedicated to electrical engineering and computer science majors.
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