Picks of the week: Blasts from the past

  Who says newer means better? This week, take the time to revisit some of the best music, cinema and visual art from centuries gone by. After all, they’re called classics for a reason. Any time: “I Remain: A digital archive of letters, manuscripts, and ephemera” Ever wondered about Albert
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Week 4-13

Street Style: High fashion

Hundreds showed up at Memorial Glade on Monday afternoon to spark up conversations with friends and to share good vibes. Students were wearing everything under the sun, from tie-dye and crazy costumes to cool, unique articles of clothing like kimonos, cacti socks and jellyfish-patterned button-downs. Gloria Sukamto Gloria is elegantly composed
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Picks of the weekend: long-weekend edition!

This three-day weekend is such a tease. It’s all like, “Yo, I’m going to pull some Criss Angel “Mindfreak” shiz and cast a spell on you that tricks you into thinking that you’re back in the glory of summer, and then I’m going to smack you across the face when
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Ryan Koehn’s Picks of the Week

‘42’ at United Artists in Berkeley This one is for my fellow fans of America’s favorite pastime. The surprisingly modern take on the famous rise to glory of the MLB’s first African American player, Jackie Robinson, looks like it will score a home run with both baseball fanatics and movie-lovers.
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This Week in Arts

Film Peter Greenaway’s “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” (1989) is not a movie that calls for popcorn, not only because of its twisted antics — running the gamut of blood, shit and piss — but because it is a bold, serious film. Michael Gambon plays Albert
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