The apocalypse: dead week 2016

Early Tuesday morning, there were several reports of grey-ish students with black, dead eyes wandering slowly and aimlessly around campus. The only thing to be heard amidst the eerie silence was the wind scattering the leaves in every direction. For the few brave souls who dared to cross Sproul, they walked
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Sunset article

A day to celebrate the fact that we’re still alive

Wednesday is national Near Miss Day, named after a massive asteroid came alarmingly close to destroying planet Earth on that day in 1989. By “alarmingly close,” we mean 600,000 miles, but given the magnitude of space, we should count our lucky stars — and asteroids — that we weren’t all blown to bits.
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The 5 approaches to dead week

1. “Working” Finals always bring out our worst habits. Our intentions are as pure as a softly flowing glacial stream, yet we always seem to find ourselves in the same position: burrowed deep in our beds like bugs. The stricter the study regiment we intend to follow, the faster our willpower
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