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Reading life closely

This mindset creates dangerous misunderstandings about the value of literature and of the realities of mental illness.
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This is a beautiful party, I would like it to last forever

“I told her she was beautiful all her life. ‘Since birth — you’ve been beautiful since birth,’ I told her. ‘Your husband has such piercing blue eyes.’ ‘I know,’ she said. ‘That’s the reason I married him.’ ” My cousin sent my dad this text, and he, in turn, forwarded
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Two Anniversaries

Last year, my grandfather passed away. My dad, his son, texted me the news the morning of his death. When he later called, our conversation was abrupt. It was the first and only time I’ve heard my father cry. This past Tuesday, my sister reminded me that it had been a
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robin williams

Top 7 lessons Robins Williams taught children of the ‘90s

In the wake of actor Robin Williams’ death, an outpouring of appreciation for his life and his work has swamped media outlets. As I read more about his early days — playing Mork, improvising as an irreverent military radio DJ and performing occasionally blasphemous and frequently raunchy stand-up comedy —
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