Decal teaches sexual liberation

UC Berkeley is known for its wide variety of course offerings, especially when it comes to student-taught classes, which include everything from Phish: A Critical Analysis to The Psychology of Text Messaging. One class, however, is best known by the buzz and rumors surrounding it, rather than its cult interest
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Free condoms on Upper Sproul!

Ok, for those of you who actually know me, you already know how excited I get when free condoms are being conveniently given out. This girl has yet to spend money on condoms — and let’s keep it that way. So of course I decided to come back to Upper
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DeCal aims to involve students in Operational Excellence

In an ongoing effort to increase student involvement in UC Berkeley’s cost-cutting Operational Excellence initiative, student government leaders will launch a new DeCal class in September that will give students the option of working directly on initiative projects or conducting research projects. On Sept. 6, about 20 graduate and undergraduate
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