Industry-sponsored research upholds UC commitment to public service, educational missions

letter to the editor
Willow Yang/Senior Staff

The Daily Californian’s recent piece about private-sector-sponsored research includes significant misrepresentations of both the financial implications of this type of research and how it is supportive of the University of California’s public interest missions. Specifically, this piece mischaracterizes why we seek funding from industry and their partnership in research, and
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UC Berkeley budget problems stem from state pressure

Campus issues: Revenue generation in Christ’s budget relies too heavily on benevolence and charity

Carol Christ has a clear philanthropy vision. In the Christ Administration’s budget for 2017–18, Christ and her team envision a campus in which donations are a primary source of revenue. Indeed, revenue generation was bandied about during the lead-up to the new budget. The plan reveals that revenue makes up
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Budgeting for the new normal

The Political Circus

At the beginning of this month, families on food stamps nationwide received bad news: Their benefits were being reduced. The cut was not particularly large — only slightly more than 5 percent for a family of four. But for a family on food stamps that could only budget $668 a
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Blame the Republicans

NATIONAL ISSUES: Republicans are to blame for the twin budget and debt crises facing America, and students should be furious about it

The federal government shutdown, now two weeks under way, has resulted in near-disastrous consequences for the country. Research in Antarctica is slowing to a halt, perhaps causing irreparable damage to invaluable scientific work on climate issues. Services and benefits for veterans are being cut, leaving veterans with no access to
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Why Congress lacks any common sense

The battle lines have been drawn. As the government shuts down, our leadership continues to be uncooperative. The government’s traditionally routine authorization to keep its doors open, known as the continuing resolution, has once again devolved into gridlock. Both political parties continue to bask in national attention as they herald
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Growing debt has serious consequences

Government debt is in the news again. Recent national headlines ranged in tone from the breathless to cataclysmic. First, Detroit asked Christie’s Auction House to value its museum collection, should the city need to pay creditors with its Rembrandts and Cezannes. Then, President Obama told “This Week” that he would
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This can kicks back

If Washington keeps kicking the can down the road by not addressing this problem, frankly, our generation will get screwed. As campus leader of the UC Berkeley chapter of TCKB, I urge you to get involved in this fight to help bring attention to this issue and encourage actions to address this problem.
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