Regents must replace Napolitano

In naming Janet Napolitano president of the University of California, the UC Board of Regents has made a tragic mistake. The regents are sending a terrible message about the future of the university and the future of public education in our country. Given the pressures that critical thought, the independence
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UC takes political tack with selection of Napolitano

A UC Regents’ special committee to select the next president chose the Homeland Security Department secretary and former two-time Arizona governor to succeed outgoing president Mark Yudof, an unconventional choice for more reasons than simply that she would be the first female president in the University’s 145 year history.
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Helicopter measures radiation levels in Bay Area

Berkeley residents will have to endure the sound of helicopters through Saturday, as a low flying helicopter makes daily flights around the bay area to measure naturally-occurring background radiation levels. According to a press release by the National Nuclear Security Administration, the flyovers are part of a joint research project
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Local police agencies seek to share armored vehicle

UCPD, Berkeley Police Department and Albany Police Department recently decided to partner to seek funding for an armored vehicle despite opposition from community members who fear it will be used to suppress protests. The proposal for the armored vehicle, known as the East Bay Tactical Intervention Vehicle, has not yet
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