UC Regents discuss UCOP audit implementation, student climate

The UC Regents assembled Wednesday at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center for the second day of its regular July meeting. Among the presented topics, the regents discussed student life, implementation of UCOP audit recommendations and potentially adding letters of recommendation to the UC application process.
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The author is absent

Reading life closely

This mindset creates dangerous misunderstandings about the value of literature and of the realities of mental illness.
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The 5 stages of Phase I grief

Just like the election results, you may have endured a miserable Phase I of class enrollment that didn’t quite turn out in your favor, and now it’s time to begin your grieving process. You might have failed to get into the lecture for that all-important major prerequisite, you’re last on the
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The 5 stages of RRR week

The five stages of grief were originally designed to explain the very difficult emotional journey an individual undertakes when a loved one dies. But, we at the Clog know that Berkeley students are experiencing a different sort of death this week. RRR week heralds in the death of our dreams, our
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Kayla Baskevitch/Staff

Stages of winter break withdrawals

The happy times are coming to an end as winter break is almost over, and it’s time to face reality again. Whether we like it or not, school is approaching. Though the spring semester won’t be completely awful, only break can offer us the chill-laxation we need. After weeks away
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Robin Williams and mental health

Within minutes after its announcement, the general reaction to Robin Williams’ death on Facebook was surprise. How could a comedian commit suicide? How could a man who smiled all the time be mentally ill? How can anyone rich and famous want to end his life? Our culture seemed to have
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Dissolving false stigmas around PMS

Safe, Sane and Consensual

I’m sitting on the toilet — just using the bathroom, for crying out loud — when, all of a sudden, I’m actually crying out loud. It’s that time of the month again. Last month’s column explored how real and severe of an impact PMS can have on people’s lives. Many
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‘At Berkeley,’ but not in spirit

I sat in the Pacific Film Archive Theater, waiting to experience the Frederick Wiseman documentary “At Berkeley.” Though some have decried Wiseman’s examination as uneven and others have commented on the film’s excessive length, nothing could deter me from watching “At Berkeley” at Berkeley. The film began. The audience witnessed Wiseman’s
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