Trump’s inaugural fiasco

Even before reports of low attendance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, his administration encountered an issue that was unprecedented in modern history: no one wanted to perform.
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Jamin Kim-Sanders/File

Midterm playlist: 90s edition

It’s the eighth week of the semester. That means you’re about to be flooded with midterms, research papers and copious amounts of stress. How could this be possible? You don’t even feel like you should be in college. Here at the Clog we feel your pain, so we’ve created a playlist
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Beyonce weighs in on the bill to make ASUC senators wear nametags

Currently on the table: An ASUC Senate bill suggests ASUC senators and administrators wear nametags around campus and in class — a never-ending “Hello, My Name Is” reminding us that we are indeed in the age of 24/7 accessibility. Will this bill — authored by Independent Campaign for Common Sense Senator Solomon Nwoche
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Playlist of the week: ’90s nostalgia

Because many of us are home for the summer, we’re surrounded by the love, affection and home-cooking family and friends we grew up with. So it’s totally understandable that we’ve been having impromptu childhood flashbacks. To help you revisit those sweet ’90s childhood memories and marvel at how much time
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ArCATypes: Beying a diva

I guess you could say that I know a few things about divas. I got into Berkeley with an essay I wrote about dressing as a caricature of Gloria Gaynor while rocking my rendition of “I Will Survive.”
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