Nader’s post office speech fails to deliver

Citizen Ralph Nader, the champion of the Consumer Product Safety Administration, the Environmental Safety Administration and the Freedom of Information Act, came to the steps of the Downtown Berkeley Post Office yesterday to give a pep talk to the volunteer defenders of our public postal service. Some 300 listened as
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UC takes political tack with selection of Napolitano

A UC Regents’ special committee to select the next president chose the Homeland Security Department secretary and former two-time Arizona governor to succeed outgoing president Mark Yudof, an unconventional choice for more reasons than simply that she would be the first female president in the University’s 145 year history.
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The truth about gun control laws

Gun control legislation is not just ineffective — it is harmful

Since the unspeakably tragic Newtown school shooting of Dec. 14, there has been an outpouring of media attention focusing on the problem of gun violence in the United States. Many politicians, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, have called for a renewal of the so-called assault weapons ban, while others have advocated
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