Tunesday: A tour through K-pop

A rising star in global charts, Korean music is quickly becoming a more international scene. Getting into K-pop can involve a lot of work, so if you need a quick tour of some of the best songs the industry has to offer, take a break from studying and browse through
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What to look out for at Mad Decent Block Party

Ravers, underground dance lovers and basically everyone who thought Electric Daisy Carnival was too expensive will attend Mad Decent Block Party this weekend at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Mad Decent was created in 2008 for the Philadelphia community, but the music effort grew into a cross-continental tour. The tour’s
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Planet Booty’s music is more than just the booty of jokes

Planet Booty wants you to know that they’re not just a joke band. Even though they don skimpy sailor costumes and write songs about — who would’ve thought — booties, they are taking their sound in a more serious direction come June 2, when their second full-length album, Future Sweat,
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Tunesday: Cuddle weather

The weather’s cooling down, and it’s T-minus 10 days until Valentine’s Day. The Clog’s got a list for you to cuddle to (hey, who knows, maybe more). And if you don’t have anyone, hopefully that stuffed animal’s sufficient while you cry yourself to sleep to this playlist on Valentine’s Day.
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‘Britney Jean’ is no one’s lover

“Work Bitch” was not, in fact, said by Jesse Pinkman, but by veteran pop singer Britney Spears, and is the title of her latest single. The song appears as part of her latest album, Britney Jean, released Tuesday. Britney Jean doesn’t do too much to excite or innovate — the
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Azealia Banks Releases New Track

Azealia Banks started hype with her release of “212” last fall, and her deliciously raunchy rhymes have gained huge interest in proportion to the work she has released. Her tracks drip with dance beats, guilt-free usage of the C-word, and quickness topped off with just enough cockiness. In the past
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