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How deadly is FOMO?

FOMO, formally known as “fear of missing out,” is an epidemic that has swept the youth of the United States and has had particularly devastating effects on college students. This fear frequently kicks in when an individual finally begins the process of acknowledging that they are, in fact, in college to
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You can’t leave college disease-free

Safe, Sane and Consensual

If only we could leave college unscathed. We’d stroll out between the green pillars of Sather Gate as perfect specimens of sparkling, shiny, well-versed 20-somethings ready to tackle a world with its arms spread wide to embrace us. Unfortunately, the all-nighters and Adderall binges, the romantic misadventures and alcohol-fueled mishaps,
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Misplaced acne, bedbugs and stigmas

Sex on Tuesday

Ah, sexually transmitted infections. The modern scarlet letter. “Stay away!” we cry. Particularly if it’s herpes. Oh, religious deity, forbid it be herpes. For many, STIs exist on an intangible parallel plane. This or that promiscuous so-and-so might have had it coming, but we’d like to think we’re far removed
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