You’ve seen these slogans before, but never like this

Thanks to clever advertising, there are a few phrases that have snuck into our daily lives. You’ve seen these slogans time and time again, but they probably didn’t resonate with you as much as they do now. We felt like these public-private partnerships didn’t do a successful job of attracting UC
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What does “Tomorrow” Have in Store?

After following its splash at Sundance Film Festival and Ebertfest (Roger Ebert’s Film Festival) this spring, I eagerly await the public release of the film “Escape From Tomorrow,” this Friday, October 11th. Its trailer is both enticing and riveting; while little information on the plot of the film is enclosed,
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6 ways to spend Independence Day, California style

Pull out everything in your closet resembling the American flag to celebrate — you guessed it — Independence Day! If you have yet to come up with an itinerary for tomorrow’s red-white-and-blue extravaganza, allow the Clog to assist you. We’ve compiled a list of events to check out and things to do
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The pros and cons of summer birthdays

The Clog has been talking a good deal about the implications of summer and being at home. After all, for a decent percentage of us, that’s what summer means. Laundry and home-cooked food aside, though, there’s yet another major difference summer presents students with: birthday bashes. Whether you’re at home with
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Aisha Kingongo is one of the seven students from Africa who receives a full-ride scholarship to UC Berkeley courtesy of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. The program aims to boost the enrollment of African students at UC Berkeley.

Cal recruits new students from Africa

Our admissions office goes to great lengths to introduce new faces to the Berkeley scene, but we at the Clog didn’t realize just how far away they really go! Lin Larson, an undergrad admissions officer, goes more than 8,000 miles, actually. Lin is planning to go back to Zimbabwe after a
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Coachella: The happiest place on earth

Saturday afternoon, I stood in the front row looking up at warrior goddess Merrill Garbus as she raised her melodic battle cry over Coachella. At one point, the singer-songwriter of tUne-yArDs fame asked the crowd to do her a favor. “I want all of you to close your eyes and slowly
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“Working for the Mouse” returns to Impact Theater

“Working for the Mouse”, brainchild of Trevor Allen, one-man show extraordinaire, is being revived at the Impact Theater, located in the basement of La Val’s Pizza on the north side of campus. Based on Allen’s time spent as a teenage actor playing Disney characters at the SoCal theme park, “Working
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